A hazard is a source of potential harm. A hazard event is another term for emergency.

Some assurance activities examine system-wide risks that span across multiple hazard types, including reviews into the emergency management functions of sector organisations.

Examples of such assurance activities include the Review of 10 years of reform in Victoria’s emergency management sector and the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.

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Publish year Assurance activity Summary Organisation
2022 Victoria’s Critical Infrastructure All Sectors Resilience Report 2021 (External link) A report into the ongoing impact of COVID-19 to Victoria's critical infrastructure sectors and the significant efforts of industry to minimise disruption and continue delivering services. It also captures a number of other significant events that occurred during the reporting period and reflects on the effectiveness of Victoria’s critical infrastructure resilience arrangements in an increasingly complex risk environment. Emergency Management Victoria
2022 Implementation monitoring of 'Review of 10 years of reform in Victoria's emergency management sector' and 'Inquiry into the 2019-20 Victorian Fire Season – Phase 1’ - Progress Report - 2021 (External link) IGEM's first progress report on government reform in response to the Fire Season Inquiry and 10 Year Review. In terms of implementation progress against the 139 response actions to both of these reports, 48 actions are now complete, 75 actions are in progress, 10 actions are closed with no further activity planned, and six actions are yet to commence. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2022 Community Report - June 2021 Extreme Weather Event (External link) A report that outlines key lessons identified from the extreme weather event of 2021, including what went well and areas for improvement. It aims to ensure that lessons of significance to both agencies and communities are considered, implemented and shared across the emergency management sector and with impacted communities. Emergency Management Victoria
2021 Understanding preparedness and recovery (External link) An examination of the emergency experiences of 165 people who lived through a disaster between 2008 and 2019 to better understand the link between preparedness actions and enhanced recovery. Australian Red Cross
2021 Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021-2051 (External link) A strategy that builds on the work of the first cross-sectoral infrastructure strategy delivered in 2016, it identifies the top infrastructure priorities for Victoria’s nine regions to reduce disadvantage, build on economic strengths and address environmental risks. Infrastructure Victoria
2021 A Pathway to Infrastructure Resilience: Advisory Paper 1: Opportunities for systemic change (External link) A research paper that recommends a whole-of-system, all-hazards approach to resilience planning that focuses on strengthening an infrastructure asset, network and sector, as well as the place, precinct, city, and region that the infrastructure operates within. Infrastructure Australia
2021 Emergency Resilience in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (External link) This report provides community groups, emergency management agencies and migration support organisations with knowledge and tools to ensure that CALD communities’ resilience can flourish in a world characterised by increased mobility, multiculturalism, and more frequent disasters Australian Red Cross
2021 Clearing a path to full inclusion of people with disability in emergency management policy and practice in Australia (External link) An issues paper prepared in response to the roadblocks to safety and wellbeing for Australians with disability in emergency management. It distills six key issues that present barriers to the full inclusion of people with disability in emergency management, and five practical actions that institutions with responsibility for emergency management and other stakeholders can undertake. Independent
2021 Supporting community-led approaches to disaster preparedness (External link) This summary report outlines the research findings and recommendations for the Get Ready-Disaster Resilient: Future Ready pilots project, which aimed to better understand community-led approaches to resilience building. Independent
2021 Victorian Infrastructure Plan 2021 (External link) A plan that outlines the Victorian Government’s investment directions across eight sectors specifying significant projects, reform directions and funding over the next five years and beyond. It also contains responses to Infrastructure Victoria’s 94 recommendations in Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021–2051 including areas of transport, energy, environment, water and emergency management. Department of Treasury and Finance