A hazard is a source of potential harm. A hazard event is another term for emergency.

Some assurance activities examine system-wide risks that span across multiple hazard types, including reviews into the emergency management functions of sector organisations.

Examples of such assurance activities include the Review of 10 years of reform in Victoria’s emergency management sector and the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.

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Publish year Assurance activity Summary Organisation
2023 Australia’s midterm review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 Report (External link) Australia's midterm review of the Sendai Framework to ‘assess progress on integrating disaster risk reduction into policies, programmes and investments at all levels, identify good practice, gaps and challenges and accelerate the path to achieving the goal of the Sendai Framework and its seven global targets by 2030.’ Australian Government
2023 Report on Government Services 2023 (D: Emergency Management) (External link) A report that includes detailed information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of service provision and the achievement of outcomes for fire services, state and territory emergency, ambulance and police services. Australian Government
2023 Insurance Catastrophe Resilience Report 2021–22 (External link) A report that examines insurer data and insights for the previous 12 months of extreme weather events and advocates for changes to lessen the impact of future events. Events examined include the Mansfield earthquake and Victoria's extreme weather and flooding. Independent
2023 Improving crisis communications to culturally and linguistically diverse communities (External link) A NSW inquiry report that looks at improving crisis communications to CALD communities, it examines ways to improve channels of communications, and the use of multicultural and CALD community groups and networks to distribute in-language information. The report makes reference to actions taken by the Victorian Government during the COVID-19 pandemic. Independent
2022 Valuing strengths, building resilience: Improving emergency management outcomes for multicultural communities in Victoria (External link) A report drawn from the insights and experiences of the Multicultural Emergency Management Partnership, it collected experiences around culturally responsive practices related to bushfires and other emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights the critical importance of strong connections and engagement between multicultural communities, government and the emergency management sector.
Victorian Council of Social Service
2022 The Cost of Extreme Weather 2022 (External link) A research report that estimates direct costs from extreme weather events are to grow by 5.13 per cent each year and reach $35.24 billion by 2050, directly costing Australian households an average of $2,509.16 every year. The report concludes that if we are to mitigate the rising costs of extreme weather, the federal government should focus more on resilience and future-proofing Independent
2022 Major incidents report 2021-22 (External link) An annual record of significant national emergency management incidents, it outlines 36 events across 2021-22, including the impacts of the second consecutive La Nina event on Australia, and shares lessons learned from each of the significant events. Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience
2022 Small Business Natural Disaster Preparedness and Resilience Inquiry Report (External link) The impacts of natural disasters on small and family businesses can be devastating, are difficult to predict, and may be overlooked in preparing disaster plans and in decisions around recovery assistance and support. The Inquiry looked at existing education and engagement practices with respect to promoting small business disaster resilience and made 16 recommendations to Australian Government on how these could be improved. Independent
2022 Major Incidents Report 2021-22 (External link) A report that provides an annual record of major national incidents that have been viewed as significant by the emergency management sector. It outlines 36 significant events that impacted Australia across 2021-22 and provides an overview of 9 of these incidents, selected based on factors including uniqueness, duration, impacts, resourcing demands, tiers of government involved, specialist equipment required and learnings. Australian Government, Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience, National Emergency Management Agency
2022 Victoria’s Critical Infrastructure All Sectors Resilience Report 2021 (External link) A report into the ongoing impact of COVID-19 to Victoria's critical infrastructure sectors and the significant efforts of industry to minimise disruption and continue delivering services. It also captures a number of other significant events that occurred during the reporting period and reflects on the effectiveness of Victoria’s critical infrastructure resilience arrangements in an increasingly complex risk environment. Emergency Management Victoria