The Inspector-General invites individuals and organisations to share their views and bushfire experiences through submissions to the Victorian Fire Season Inquiry.

Submissions - addressing the Inquiry's Terms of Reference - are a good way for the Inquiry to be able to consider community insights before, during and after bushfires.

You can email, mail, or make an online submission (External link) in Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Filipino, Italian, Persian, and Vietnamese, in addition to English.

Clicking on this link (External link) will take you to the online submission form. From there, you can select your preferred language.

The Inquiry is being conducted over two phases:

  • The first report will focus on preparedness and response. Submissions on these topics closed on 30 April 2020 to allow those contributions to be considered for this report.
  • The second report will focus on relief and recovery, and submissions on these topics will be considered until April 2021.
  • Submissions relating to phase 1 of the Inquiry can continue to be made, however and these will inform an addendum to the Phase 2 report.

We understand that views and experiences may change over time, particularly as communities recover from the affects of last summer’s fires. For this reason individuals and organisations are welcome to make more than one submission throughout the Inquiry. 

The more views and experiences the Inspector-General hears, the more informed he will be to make recommendations that - if implemented - will bring better outcomes for Victorians.