The Inspector-General for Emergency Management has been asked to investigate 2013-14 fire season and East Gippsland fires

Read a summary of the Victorian Government media release below.

Thursday 7 August 2014

Inspector-General for Emergency Management (IGEM) Tony Pearce, has been asked investigate a number of matters identified through the Emergency Management Commissioner’s statewide 2013-14 fire season operational debrief reports, and community reports for the Goongerah/Deddick Trail fire and Mt Ray/Boundary Track fire.

The Emergency Management Commissioner’s reports highlight the following key issues that require further investigation:


  • Road traffic management
  • Safe early return of residents
  • Access for appropriate people to ensure animal (livestock) well-being and management
  • Where long duration road closures are required, provide for appropriate discussion with the community and appropriate access levels consistent with the needs of the affected community.

East Gippsland

  • Community involvement – to address concerns around planning, preparedness and management of local fire events
  • Initial attack/utilisation of resources – claims regarding misuse of those resources, including the use of private contractors
  • Cross border fire arrangements – ase of NSW (and other jurisdictions) volunteers assisting Victorian firefighters.

Mr Pearce will investigate and lead a compliance assurance process with the aim of addressing the identified key issues and ensuring systemic changes that are sustainable in the long term.

Mr Pearce’s report will be completed by end of September.