Review of Victoria’s emergency management sector preparedness for major emergencies is a system-wide review identified in the Inspector-General for Emergency Management’s (IGEM) 2015 Annual Forward Plan of Reviews, and is conducted under section 64(1)(b) of the Emergency Management Act 2013.

The objective of this review was to identify opportunities to enhance Victoria’s sector preparedness for major emergencies.

The review explores possible pathways for Victoria to strengthen preparedness for major emergencies that recognise and reflect the current emergency management arrangements. However, the IGEM acknowledges that much of the work supporting the reform of Victoria’s emergency management arrangements was under development or in the early stages of implementation at the time of this review.

As Victoria's emergency management sector does not have standards or a baseline to measure sector preparedness, this review presents an example model of preparedness for emergency management activities including reporting and assessing.

Progressing work on the development and application of a preparedness model will require extensive engagement and consultation with the emergency management sector. The preparedness model and associated maturity matrix presented in this review provides a sound starting point for such a discussion.

Government's response

Government released and responded to this report on 5 May 2017, accepting IGEM's recommendation.

Read government's response at (External link)

Inspector-General for Emergency Management
Inspector-General for Emergency Management, Victorian Government
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