This is IGEM's sixth report on breaches of planned burn control lines, covering the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.

During this period DELWP conducted 470 planned burns and treated a total of 133,195 hectares of public land. It completed 200 more planned burns and treated a significantly larger area overall, in comparison to 2019–20 when it completed 257 burns.

This 2020–21 assurance report describes only one new planned burn breach of a control line, as well as an increase in non-burn fuel treatment across the landscape. This is an encouraging indicator that over the past five years, DELWP continues to reduce the risk of breaches arising from its planned burning practices.

It also includes a summary of bushfire fuel management in Victoria, and provides a progress update on implementation of two, ongoing recommendations made in previous reports - assessing one as complete, and the other as in progress.

While this report focuses on improving practices so that planned burns achieve their objectives without causing unintended harm, IGEM’s Inquiry into the 2019–20 Victorian Fire Season – Phase 1 report provides an extensive assessment of the state's fuel management practices more broadly.

Assurance of Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning breaches of planned burn control lines - 2020-21 was published on 20 July 2022. The report is available in PDF format from the link below or you can read as a flipbook (External link).

Inspector-General for Emergency Management
Inspector-General for Emergency Management, Victorian Government
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